PUBG (PC) – Halloween Skins!

Haunted Pumpkin Mask

Update: Halloween is over, and so is PUBG’s celebration.

25th of October, new skins were released on PUBG. One of them is the “Haunted Pumpkin Mask”. You can purchase this mask for only BP 10. According to PUBG this is a gift for anyone who has logged in before 1st of November! So be fast!

As you can see, the skins are divided into 4 categories.

  • Killer Clown
    • “Hiya, Georgio!” Traumatize your enemies with pure nightmare fuel. The Killer Clown costume will feed off their fear!
  • Maniacal Butcher
    • Carve your way through the competition in this chilling butcher costume! You don’t need a chainsaw to have a good time!
  • Ancient Mummy
    • Embody the curse of the pharaohs as this iconic decrepit monster. Your enemies will be left crying for mummy. (Does not increase the effectiveness of bandages.)
  • Bloody Nurse
    • She may be a little bloody, but this nurse only wants to take care of you.

One of the sets will be available to you for BP 10,000 while the rest will be available to you all the way from $15.99 – $20.99. Note that the crates will give you all the skins listed in it! The last special item besides the clothes is the “Pumpkin Rip-Cord” parachute. It looks good, but will cost you $4.99…

Below are some more screenshots of the skins and it’s price tag if you so choose to buy it individually.

In my opinion. These skins look amazing, great job on the designers. But at the same time, I cannot justify the price-tag. I’d say PUBG targets the big fans out there, who want to get their hands on the newest skins. I’d just wait for them to go down in price, or visit the steam community market for people trying to sell the skins.

Happy Halloween everyone! 👻

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