If you are a soy-boy like me and put off buying tech until they go significantly low in price. Well soon, will be the time!

At three separate occasions we, the soy-boys will have the chance to buy the tech we needed.

I am not sponsored by any of these companies. This post includes my personal experiences and findings. A lot of effort was given in this post, used a VPN, browsing products, and testing tools. Hope this helps you ūüôā¬†

Singles day (11.11)

The first date is the “Singles-Day” on 11th of November. This day was first celebrated in China, but later on online stores, took on this sale. Some countries like Poland, UK, Ireland, France and Belgium do not celebrate this day. Therefor, you will not be very lucky if you live in those parts of Europe. But do not miss the next sale date!

Black Friday (Always the Day after Thanksgiving)

The second date the most famous date. Black Friday became very popular in North-America. It marks the date Americans begin their Christmas shopping and decoration. This would be pretty nice here in Europe too, and fortunately it becomes more and more normal. On this date, everything typically goes as low as the merchant can. Later in this post, I will be talking more on how you should protect yourself from getting scammed by fake sales.

Last but not least, Cyber Monday (On Monday after Black Friday)

If there is anything we the dankest memers didn’t get the chance to buy on the past two sale-dates, on Cyber Monday will be a big sale for anything cyber or online. There is a big chance in your region shops do not celebrate neither Black Friday or Singles date, then hopefully Cyber Monday will be a chance for you! Many online shops actually announce to newsletter subscribers about their upcoming sales, so go on and subscribe!

Check the Price-History, don’t get Scammed!

There are so many price-trackers out there, use one.

Do not go on any adventure without being ready, unless if you are over level 9000.

Some shops intentionally increase their prices, and decrease them at sales. Therefor making it seem like a sale, but actually is just the normal price of that item. In some places this is actually illegal.

Some price trackers you can use…

As Amazon is one of the top retailers out there right now, I feel it’s necessary to have some dedicated price tracker for just Amazon if you got a gift card in your drawer. I am a fan of two price trackers, I’d find the one I like the most and be ready at midnight! First one is Keepa and second is CamelCamelCamel, both offer a wide range of features, price tracking, price tracking and browser extensions. They also support all Amazon regions.


If you are shopping in US… Well, the options aren’t that impressive. But there are some interesting sites you can use. With Google Shopping¬†you can compare¬†most¬†of the shops. Unfortunately not all. With this tool you can find the cheapest price on the product of that day! Google has an automatic price update. That means, when the price updates after a few minutes the price on the listing will change. As of price history, I haven’t had any good experience with any site. Please comment below if you know of any!


If you are shopping in Canada… I have good news for you. Shopbot is an amazing website. It tracks all the shops in Canada and offers a price history. This site will save you lots of time and money. Go Canada!




If you are shopping in UK or Ireland… I’ve used so many, and all have some shops missing. But having a few tabs open isn’t that big of a deal I hope. Firstly, I really recommend PriceSpy¬†I have used them the most. Their prices update very quickly and they support so many shops. They have a price history and is rich with reviews, shops included! Ireland, PriceSpy.ie has you covered too! Up there with PriceSpy is also PriceRunner. If you are searching for¬†something very specific, there is a big chance you’ll find it on PriceRunner! For our honorable mention: Idealo.

If you are shopping in Romania… I’ve used 2 websites. The first one Pricy.ro a lot of filters, it also includes a chrome extension. Although to check the price history you need to download the chrome extension and the website supports less “magazine” or shops and is pretty messy. The other website which I really recommend using is Price.ro. It has support for more shops and also is much more user friendly. Oh and price history without an extension.

If you are shopping in France… Again, two amazing websites. The first one, was UK’s honorable mention¬†Idealo. It looks like more effort has gone to France’s Idealo. It has so many features, the one I like the most other than those mentioned are shipping information and the payments accepted. The second best website is¬†Ledenicheur which basically is the previously mentioned PriceSpy, just with another name. The reason I list more than one site, is for a fail safe. If there is a store that lists the item cheaper, you’ll have a higher chance to catch that!

If you are shopping in Germany… Do not get fooled by this site’s look. It might look it came out of the 2008, but boy is it updated real fast. This site offers all the features you’ll need. Price tracking, price comparison, shipping info, payment methods. Only thing it doesn’t have are shop reviews. Well it’s Geizhals. I’ve previously used this for finding a store that ships outside of the country, in multiple countries. That saved me so much time. Second best, is Idealo again. I know, i know, Idealo again. But they do the job!

If you are shopping in Switzerland… To my Swiss friends, I really recommend Topreise. It supports so many shops, I am unable to confirm if they support every Swiss shop. But it’s damn close! As a backup website, I’d use¬†Comparis. Not very impressed with this site, although still valuable as a fail safe

If you are shopping in Norway… you’re in luck! It is super easy to find the cheapest price of items. I’d recommend PrisJakt which is the same company as PriceSpy in the UK. The reason behind this is the response time. It updates prices very fast and also has a dedicated section for Black Friday. Secondly, I’d use PrisGuiden which is very tech focused. Although their response on price changes is much slower. Just have both of them open on any of the sale-dates.


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